Osaka is known as the City of Small and Medium-Size Enterprises (SMEs) with unique homegrown technologies and world-class craftsmanship skills. The OSAKA EXPORTERS GUIDE is posting these companies' information to help you search for a suitable partner and fulfill your needs and requirements (know-how for procurement/processing of parts, development of prototypes/products/systems, training, human resource development, etc.). Osakafs highly sophisticated technologies, processing skills, and superior services will help your business grow.
  Please take full advantage of this site to get more information about Osaka-based SMEs and find the best partner for your business.

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Corporate name Business Summary
chachamo Co.,Ltd We care for children visiting Osaka from abroad and provide them with unique Japanese cultural and n...
exstyle Gold leaf aburatorigami (oil blotting paper), various gold leaf and gilding products
courage courage I operate a regional specialty shop that promotes collaboration products with individual business ow...
Tokiwa-Seikou Co.,Ltd. Tokiwa-Seikou Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells display accessories, such as storefront signage, disp...
FUSEHATSU KOGYO CO., LTD Fusehatsu Kogyo Co., Ltd manufactures common springs relevant to people's lives, such as compression...

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