AMS Co.,Ltd

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Business Summary 1.Auto transport service 95percent
2.Rental car service 5percent
Name & Brand of the Products, etc. Privately owned cars, motorcycles

"Greetings from the president"

Keeping in mind that we are now living in a time where keen attention is paid to the entire value of a company, since its conception I have been managing AMS with the aim of developing it into a company that pursues the following:

(1) A company that stays active concerning all matters and does not cease to move forward
(2) A company that always searches for ideas that are modern
(3) A company that provides customers with security and satisfaction
(4) A company that complies with laws and regulations

AMS has been able to come this far supported by its customers' love and care, though it is currently only about halfway to accomplishing its ultimate goals. We at AMS will continue to make every effort to improve our services, albeit slowly, while thinking that performing our jobs in a manner that satisfies our customers is our ethical responsibility. Going forward, I would like to ask for your continued support and patronage.
Aspects and/or features of the product We at AMS Co.,Ltd pay special attention to transporting cars gently with care. We will ship your classic vehicles, not to mention your luxury cars, and any other cars and motorcycles that are precious to you more gently and carefully than any other companies will.
We believe that the cars we ship are packed with the owners' personal thoughts, memories, and so forth and that the owners adore these cars.
We do not neglect to conduct improvement efforts or to educate our employees on a daily basis. We are ready to offer you services that you can be happy with.
We transport your cars to the locations you specify, such as motor racing circuits and your travel destinations.
We ship your cars while covering them with seat covers and other protective covers.
Every time our staff members drive your cars, they put on white gloves to move them.
Even if your cars unfortunately suffer breakdowns or encounter accidents, we, as a company that provides you with safe services and peace of mind, will take responsibility for properly taking care of such cases.
We are the only auto transport company that is capable of satisfying wealthy individuals.
Information of the main materials, costs and filed of use
Photograph of the Product
Accreditations for your plants or qualities by authority
Patents, if any (domestic or international)... Yes or No
Corporate name AMS Co.,Ltd
Headquarters Address Post cord (zip code) 561-0826
Address 2-25-28, Shimaecho, Toyonaka city, Osaka 561-0826, JAPAN
Branch Office Address Post cord (zip code) 564-0053
Address 5F Ronge Bldg., 3-11Enokicho, Suita city,Osaka 564-0053, JAPAN
Year of Establishment 1988
Name of the Representative Seiji Ogawa
Paid-in Capital 70,000,000 yen
Annual Sales 671,201,562 yen
Inquiry Contact Department
Title Senior Managing Director
Name Nobuyuki Unenishi
Tel 81-6-6192-8030
Fax 81-6-6192-8031

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