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Business Summary KJTD Co., Ltd. produces testing equipment and systems that can be effectively utilized to ensure safety and product quality in all industrial fields, including aviation, railways, automobiles, steel, and semiconductors.
We offer various kinds of products a wide array of products ranging from large apparatus incorporated into factory production lines to portable instruments.
Name & Brand of the Products, etc.
Aspects and/or features of the product Our company first started as the sole import agency for German ultrasonic flaw detectors. Not satisfied with being just an import agency, since our establishment we also have been working to develop and manufacture our own products. We have successfully expanded to become a manufacturer of non-destructive testing and inspection equipment.
By making use of the Integrated Non-Destructive Evaluation System (INDES)- a non-destructive testing method by which things are evaluated solely or comprehensively, not by adhering to just one testing method, but by selecting a method or methods better suited to them - we will continue moving forward to bring peace of mind and safety to all industrial fields.
Information of the main materials, costs and filed of use
Products or parts name PA4
Products or parts description "Portable Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspection Detector,PA4" This is sophisticated and reliable instrument,which utilizes the latest phased array technology in electronics and software.
Features The below three points have been improved from our last model detector.
1)Full-featured A-scan and Gates
2)Additional Single Element Probe Channels
3)Maximum 1024 Cycles
Field of use Suitable on the production lines by integrated into the online system in such as Steel industry.
Also its simple and small structure makes available field inspections only by itself.
Products or parts name HIS3
Products or parts description "High Speed & Wide Band Ultrasonic Flaw Detector,
It is high function ultrasonic detector, which equips with all the necessary functions in itself,HIS3

Features Equipped with: High Resolution EL Display 480*240 Pixel 83dpi PRF: Max 10KHz
Remote Pulser/Pre-Amplifier to minimize waveform distortion *For the type LF, this is optional.
Trigger input/output terminals that can form a multi-channel system with 2 and up units
High-speed 16bit parallel interface and RS-232C interface Two types are available.
Type HF: High Frequency/High Resolution Available with 10-125MHz probes
Type LF: Multi-purpose/High Function Available with 1-15MHz probes
Field of use Most suitable for high-speed immersion imaging systems available on the production lines in Aerospace, Automobiles, Semiconductor, and New Material fields.
Surely it is also available with on-line auto inspection systems.
Products or parts name ULTECT21
Products or parts description "Multi-channel Digital Ultrasonic Detector,ULTECT21"
This is the detector only for on-line auto inspection system.
Features This detector saves the space, which conventional systems required large space to install the parts for enabling blanking control, marker shift, I/O remote control, and line speed measuring, because it fulfills these functions only by itself.
It also applies new method that inspection waveform is displayed on the PC monitor.
Field of use Suitable for on-line auto inspection systems for varies kinds of steel products
Products or parts name Small-Diameter Steel Round Bar
Products or parts description "Small-Diameter Steel Round Bar Ultrasonic Inspection System"
This on-line system can detect inclusions, blowholes, cracks and also cracks that occur in solid-drawn processing.
Features Two kinds of inspection techniques, i) Multi Detection ii) Chevron Detection
increase detecting performance. It never misses a very fine flaw!

Field of use Suitable for small diameter steel round bar ultrasonic inspection on their production lines
Products or parts name SDS-WIN
Products or parts description "Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector & Imaging System, SDS-WIN"
This system is equipped with the latest ultrasonic detecting and image processing technologies.

Features It is consisted of our ultrasonic flaw detector, HIS3. Latest image processing technology "MURAI Processing" enables to detect critical bond-errors or peel-offs and to distinguish of void or inclusion.
We believe simple & user friendly operation is available.
Field of use Suitable for inspections in Aerospace, Steel, Nuclear, Automobiles, New Material, and Semiconductor fields.
Photograph of the Product
PA4:Portable Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspection Detector.
High Speed & Wide Band Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, HIS3

ULTECT21:Multi-channel Digital Ultrasonic Detector.
Small-Diameter Steel Round Bar Ultrasonic Inspection System
Accreditations for your plants or qualities by authority Obtained ISO 9001 certification.
Patents, if any (domestic or international)... Yes or No
Corporate name KJTD CO., LTD
Headquarters Address Post cord (zip code) 170-6045
Address 3-1-1 Higashi Ikebukuro Toshima-ku Tokyo, 170-6045, Japan
Branch Office Address Post cord (zip code) 578-0912
Address 1-9-29, Sumida, Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka, 578-0912, Japan
Year of Establishment 1971
Name of the Representative Mr.Hiroyuki Takahashi
Paid-in Capital 64,550,000 yen
Annual Sales
Inquiry Contact Department Development Division
Title Assistant Chief
Name Ms.Rumi Kohyama
Tel 81-72-965-6235
Fax 81-72-965-6236
URL http://www.kjtd.co.jp

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