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Business Summary We sell high-grade fresh fish at our own stores in department stores, and plan and sell OEM food gifts and OEM products called "Kyshow Yawaraka Series".
Under the motto of "delicious," "fresh," "safe," "secure," and "high-value-added,"
we operate high-grade fresh fish stores in Takashimaya Osaka Store and Kyoto Store.
Also, we plan and manufacture original gifts --mainly midyear and year-end gifts at famous department stores throughout Japan--and supply our original gift products that we planned and manufactured to major catalogue gift companies.
Furthermore, as an initiative to prepare for a future aged society, we manufacture and sell original food products that are easy to chew, called "Kyshow Yawaraka Series".
Our original products can be used for various purposes, including as daily meals and as gifts.
Name & Brand of the Products, etc. General processed food, including boiled and roast fish
Aspects and/or features of the product We are dedicated to produce food products that provide everyone with enjoyable eating experience under the corporate philosophy, "contributing to society through food".

"Kyshow Yawaraka Series", one of our brands, is an easy-to-eat product line, which is easy to cook, convenient, and soft.
As the products in this series are as soft as cooked rice, all family members, from children to the elders, can enjoy meals together.

We also design and manufacture gift products, such as boiled fish and grilled fish that can be warmed in microwave, and delicacies. Those prepared foods include regional specialties and ready meals, which can be enjoyed in daily lives as well as suitable as gifts.
Information of the main materials, costs and filed of use
Photograph of the Product
This product line features easy-to-eat soft food products. Being also tasty and visually beautiful, they can be enjoyed in your daily meals, as well as used as gifts.
High-grade "ikejime fresh fish"caught in the sea near Japan are sold in Takashimaya department stores in Osaka and Kyoto. We sell dagger-tooth pike conger in summer, pufferfish and crabs in winter, filleted fish for hot pot, grilled eels, and other fresh fish gift products.

[ikejime] means these are Japanese techniques and by using it, you can keep the fish meat fresh and delicious.
This product line includes boiled fish and grilled fish that can be warmed in microwave, delicacies, and other prepared foods, which are developed by KYSHOW CORPORATION.
This series features special processed food products made by our own technique, using vegetables, seafood, and other ingredients from Hokkaido, a place blessed with abundant nature.
Accreditations for your plants or qualities by authority
Patents, if any (domestic or international)... Yes or No Trademark:"KYSHOW"
Headquarters Address Post cord (zip code) 542-0073
Address 2-1-22 Nippombashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka Japan
Branch Office Address Post cord (zip code)
Year of Establishment 1994
Name of the Representative Mr.Hirokazu Takahashi
Paid-in Capital 52,550,000 yen
Annual Sales 863,001,876 yen
Inquiry Contact Department Management Division
Title Manager
Name Mr.Takanori Sakura
Tel 81-6-6631-7748
Fax 81-6-6631-7750

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