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Business Summary We strongly help each company promote its accident-prevention activities by incorporating risk management into traffic accident-prevention measures, visualizing the risk of traffic accidents in each driver, proposing means of reducing such risk and thereby reducing the risk for traffic accidents, which varies between individuals.

Not to learn from the past but to forecast the future from the current situation and eliminate possible risks. This is the concept of Notice Co., Ltd..
Name & Brand of the Products, etc. Drive Recorder (Model Number: LNP-1000)
Aspects and/or features of the product An incident is already an accident.
Accidents can be prevented by recording signs for accidents lurking in habitual driving behaviors to remind drivers to be aware of them.
Notice Co., Ltd. provides contents to promote such continued improvement for preventing accidents.
Information of the main materials, costs and filed of use
Photograph of the Product
Risk examination service
This is a service to investigate habitual driving behaviors in terms of driving processes (total 16 items), including temporary stops, running inter-vehicle distance and slowing down conditions when turning right or left, and provide a report accompanied by video pictures. Based on the results, we establish each driver's challenges to prevent accidents.
Risk-hedge drive recorder
LNP-1000; LNP-1000-SP1
-Capable of constant recording for 384 hours in a SD card with a capacity of up to 32GB
-Equipped with GPS and records time, driving routes and speed
-Operable with up to four cameras
Driving Daily Report Management System (software)
-Habitual driving behaviors that may cause accidents can be scanned easily.
-Form preparation and output functions are furnished.
-Driving paths output function is furnished.
-"Acceleration efficiency index" with EMS function (patented)
Support for accident-prevention activities

Accident prevention seminars and counseling
These are classes with the objective of:
(1) Accepting the fact that "accidents occur as an extension of habitual behaviors" ;
(2) Noticing the gap between "self safety consciousness and actual driving behaviors" ; and
(3) Encouraging drivers to make a decision to conduct accident preventive activities "to protect themselves."
Accreditations for your plants or qualities by authority
Patents, if any (domestic or international)... Yes or No * Quantification of acceleration efficiency and energy loss while vehicles are moving
Patent No. 5596691
U.S. patent No. 8565964

* Video editing device, distance determination device and travel information management system
Patent pending 2011-37036,278349,2012-2904
International patent pending PCT/JP2012/54263
Corporate name Notice Co., Ltd.
Headquarters Address Post cord (zip code) 570-0012
Address 1-10-4 Okubocho, Moriguchi, Osaka, Japan
Branch Office Address Post cord (zip code) 570-0012
Address 1-40-4 Okubo-cho, Moriguchi, Osaka
Year of Establishment 2015
Name of the Representative Nobuhiro Kudo (Mr.)
Paid-in Capital 500,000 yen
Annual Sales 50,000,000 yen
Inquiry Contact Department
Title CEO
Name Nobuhiro Kudo (Mr.)
Tel +81-6-6916-8520
Fax +81-6-6916-8521

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