Imae Industries Co., Ltd.

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Business Summary 1. Comprehensive plant for manufacture and processing of heatproof or flameproof fabrics

2. We pride ourselves on our capability to advise on thermal energy saving in every industry sector.

3. We introduce notable heatproof products to Japan from all over the world
Name & Brand of the Products, etc.
Aspects and/or features of the product 1. Accredited with ISO9001-2000

2. Heat retention/insulation covers for high-temperature objects over 500 degrees Celsius

3. Manufacture of conveying rollers lighter than aluminum

4. A place for one-stop shopping for all kinds of heatproof products whose ratings range from 150 to 1600 degrees Celsius
Information of the main materials, costs and filed of use
Products or parts name Carbon rolls
Products or parts description Carbon fiber reinforced plastic processed with a lightweight metal, whose surface is further processed with grinding, etc.
Features Rolls for conveying with small rotation torque that can be started and stopped speedily
Field of use For use in production lines for semiconductors and electronic devices
Products or parts name Fine ceramics shelves
Products or parts description Light-weight shelves made of aluminum-SiC, etc.
Features High-precision shelves with improved stackability
Field of use For use in production lines for electronic devices
Products or parts name High-performance insulating material
Products or parts description Insulating material used in hydrogen reformer of fuel cells, which can be machine processed to meet customers' needs
Features Space-saving insulating material
Field of use For use in home fuel cells
Products or parts name Balkon
Products or parts description A spinning product made of ceramic fabrics and used for packing, tapes, clothes, etc.
Features An alternative to asbestos boasting a high cost performance among products with over 500 degrees Celsius heat resistance rating
Field of use Spark shield, energy saving, heat retention/insulation
Products or parts name EneGuard
Products or parts description A sewn product made from glass mats covered with a cloth treated with anti-dust protection
Features Detachable and energy-saving
Field of use Various types of steam piping, incineration sites, boilers, etc.
Products or parts name Balkon K2
Products or parts description A composite cloth made of ceramic fibers and Kynol-brand flameproof fibers
Features Widely used in spatter shields
Field of use Protection at melding workplace, shield for spreading sparks
Products or parts name FineMat
Products or parts description A construction-use mat made of glass fibers whose size is reduced to 4 micrometers
Features This mat does not cause tingling sensations as much as glass mats used in buildings.
Field of use Heat retention/insulation for home electric appliances and the like
Products or parts name MelaFoam
Products or parts description Melamine resin foam
Features Less stinging sensations than that felt with glass fibers, over 150 degrees Celsius heat resistance, cheaper price than that of silicone resin foam
Field of use Usage as main insulating material in home electrical appliances and industrial equipment
Products or parts name Gentex Aluminum Cloth
Products or parts description High-performance aluminum cloth featuring dual mirror aluminized fabrics
Features Superior thermal reflectance, chemical protection and antiwear performance
Field of use Heat protective clothing, fire-fighting clothing, bellows, heat retention
Photograph of the Product
Accreditations for your plants or qualities by authority Accreditation obtained in 2002
Patents, if any (domestic or international)... Yes or No
Corporate name Imae Industries Co., Ltd.
Headquarters Address Post cord (zip code) 569-0012
Address 5-15-7 Higashiamagawa, Takatsuki, Osaka
Branch Office Address Post cord (zip code) 569-0012
Address 5-15-7 Higashiamagawa, Takatsuki, Osaka
Year of Establishment 1970
Name of the Representative Mr. Kenji Imae
Paid-in Capital 10,000,000 yen
Annual Sales 1,350,000,000 yen
Inquiry Contact Department
Title CEO
Name Mr. Kenji Imae
Tel +81-72-660-5005
Fax +81-72-669-6306

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