Aquatechnology Co., Ltd.

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Business Summary Comprehensive producing of membrane processing of water supply and underground water, seawater desalination, drainage treatment, and plumbing maintenance system
Name & Brand of the Products, etc.
Aspects and/or features of the product We are designing, producing and selling reverse osmosis water treatment systems, and designing of and conducting related construction works for reverse osmosis water treatment plants, and designing, producing and selling sewage treatment systems.

Our reverse osmosis professionals will offer the best solution for customers' widely ranging needs including underground water treatment, systems for plant, systems at disasters such as earthquakes and floods, and small kitchen systems.

Even if you think "Reverse osmosis membranes are expensive," please contact us.
Information of the main materials, costs and filed of use
Photograph of the Product
We can accept custom-orders for peripheral systems according to customers' needs!
Our systems are useful at various scenes.
Just get a quotation first.

** Our systems are adopted at: **
Electronics plants, chemical industry, printing industry and food factories
Emergency drinking water for about 1,000 persons can be produced by 24-hour running.

Compact design
** Our systems are adopted at: **
Official emergency evacuation area
Local schools, public halls, community centers, governmental agency facilities, condominiums, and apartment complexes
Conveniently supplying warm water and cold water!
If you are still buying delivered mineral water, you should try this one!
We can provide you safety at irresistibly reasonable price.
** Our systems are adopted at: **
Kitchens and kindergartens
* Are you still keeping flush away your money?

In the age to come, it is the key of future success for companies to simultaneously achieve product safety, improve quality and save cost.
Accreditations for your plants or qualities by authority
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Corporate name Aquatechnology Co., Ltd.
Headquarters Address Post cord (zip code) 540-0039
Address Castle Kouraibashi 6th fl., 3-8 Higashikouraibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan
Branch Office Address Post cord (zip code) 540-0039
Address Castle Kouraibashi 6th fl., 3-8 Higashikouraibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan
Year of Establishment 1995
Name of the Representative Mr. Hiroshi Nakada
Paid-in Capital 15,000,000 yen
Annual Sales 120,000,000 yen
Inquiry Contact Department Technical Dept.
Name Nishikawa
Tel 81-6-6946-4059
Fax 81-6-6946-0020

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