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~We assist Osaka manufacturers in developing a new market~

Established April 1st, 2019
Our Mission Our mission is to serve for industrial promotion in Osaka prefecture to contribute to the sound growth and development of SMEs as well as other local industries, thereby form a robust economic region, improve the livelihood of those local residents and expand welfare services.
Basic fund 2,541,280,000 yen
Representative Jyunzo Tateno, Board Chairman
Board members 22 (11 administration officers, 9 councilors, 2 auditors)



Osaka Foundation for Trade and Industry

July, 1984 Central Osaka Promotion Center for Local Industries established
September, 1987 Inauguration of “MyDome Osaka”
April, 1999 The name change to “Osaka Promotion Center for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” in succession to management of the Osaka Small Business Information Center.
May, 2000 *Osaka Support Center for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises established
April, 2001 The name change to “Osaka Foundation for Trade and Industry” in succession to management of the Foundation for Research Enterprise Companies and the Osaka Association for Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises.
July, 2007 *Osaka Support Center for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises abolished
August, 2008 Business succession of the International Business Organization of Osaka, Inc.
April, 2012 OFTI received Public Interest Corporation Authorization

Main Business

(1) Assistance for SMEs' business promotion

For the further development of Osaka-based small to medium manufacturers, OBDA implements various measures such as: promotion of business transaction between manufacturers with superior technology and techniques intended to create innovation, business collaboration and expansion; organizing Business Matching Fairs with major companies; and providing consultation services and seminars on the theme of fair trade condition and pursue the sophistication of management

(2) Assistance for international business

OBDA offers various supports to assist Osaka-based companies with their efforts to develop overseas markets by providing overseas market information, organizing trade missions, consultation service about international business, conducting credit investigation of overseas business partners, holding international business seminars (under the theme of overseas economic conditions, trade and investment environment, etc.)

OBDA investigates the economic conditions and investment environment in East area of China where we see remarkable economic growth, led by Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, etc. and also extends various business supports for Osaka SMEs, including sales channel development, market research, operation of Shanghai Office providing on-site support for visitors from Osaka SMEs, economic organizations, etc. Since the Shanghai office has been enjoying a reputation for high reliability as a Japanese public institution for trade promotion, it enables us to collect valid information from local government, economic organizations, etc. The Shanghai office integrated its business operations with the City of Osaka, Shanghai Office on January 1, 2013.

OBDA organizes trade missions to Asia’s emerging countries with further growth potential -- Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. -- and participates in local exhibitions or business conferences to open up commercial opportunities.

(3) Equipment lease and investment, supply of investible funds

With long-term and low interest (Installment sale or lease), OBDA leases essential equipment to small business or entrepreneur with weaker fund-raising capacity in order to reinforce their business infrastructure reflecting the Act on Equipment Installation Support for Small Enterprises

(4) R&D・Channel Research

Currently in production

(5) Administrative operation of MyDome Osaka

OBDA is managing and operating an easy-to-access urban-type 8-story exhibition hall, “MyDome Osaka” in central Osaka and attracting various kinds of business events in order to encourage Business- to Business transactions and expand the market.
The exhibition halls with the total area of 4,834m2, consist of three stories from the first through third floors, are used for trade show, business meeting, national examination site, etc. 8 conference rooms with 12 - 200 people capacity are also available on its 8th floor for multipurpose uses such as lecture meetings, various conferences, parties, etc.

[Exhibition hall/ 1st to 3rd floor][Exhibition hall/ 1st to 3rd floor]

[Conference room/8th floor, 8 types][Conference room/8th floor, 8 types]



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