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International Business Support Center

We support Osaka-based SMEs in doing/expanding business worldwide and promote business between Osaka SMEs and overseas enterprises with various support measures below:

  ♦Consulting Service(Free of charge)

Experienced trade coordinators provide consultation services and other necessary hands-on supports that address the needs of each OSAKA SMEs looking to/doing/expanding international business in many different ways and lead them to a solution. According to the matters of highly specialized fields or specific countries, we work closely with the experts.
[Support example]
providing business information, consultation service for contract or trading business, introducing potential partners, etc.


Noboru Sakashita
[Business Background]
Office equipment manufacturer
[Fields of expertise]
Comprehensive international trading business (formalities and contract of Import/Export, insurance, customs clearance, shipping, claim management, etc.)

Yutaka Saijo
[Business Background]
Food trading company
[Fields of expertise] Agricultural products, food & beverage (food-processing machinery), comprehensive international trading business, (formalities and contract of Import/Export, insurance , customs clearance, shipping, claim management, etc.)

Web-based service


The OSAKA EXPORTERS GUIDE is a website that introduces advanced technologies and excellent products of small and medium-sized companies in Osaka. Please take full advantage of this site to get more information about Osaka-based manufactures and SMEs; and find your business partner.

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International Business Support Division
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International Business Support Center
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